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Whisker Poles Make Downwind Sailing a Breeze

Take Control of Your Downwind Sails with a Forespar Whisker Pole

If you need to get downwind and have a conventional non-planing hull, flying a jib, genoa or asymmetrical sail with a whisker pole is the fastest, smoothest and easiest way to get there. Just point her deep downwind, hook up the pole to your mast and head sail sheet, and enjoy a comfortable run towards your destination.


Whisker Poles Virtually Eliminate that Annoying Sail Bounce Noise

Whisker poles are used to "wing out" the jib when sailing downwind. Sailors who have experienced downwind sailing without one can appreciate the value of being able to stabilize the jib, enabling the sail to work more efficiently and without the noise of the sail flopping in the wind and waves.

Forespar* manufactures the finest and most complete line of Whisker Poles in the world.


Benefits of Using a Whisker Pole for Downwind Sailing

•  Provides Stable Sailing On Deep Downwind Angles

•  Works Well For Long Distance Downwind Sailing

•  Adjustable Lengths For Use With Different Types Of Sails


Whisker poles selection guide by boat model

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Take it from the Pros

#"I can't imagine sailing downwind without my whisker pole". I make offshore passages for a living and I count on my Forespar* whisker pole. It's an aluminum and carbon, telescoping model that gives me great flexibility when polling out my head sail. The pole is robust, well engineered and easy to set. When the wind pipes-up I'm able to keep sailing on a deep reach and if it builds more I simply furl the sail, adjust the pole length and keep blasting along. I can't imagine sailing offshore without my Forespar* whisker pole.

John Kretschmer
Professional Passagemaker
Sailing Writer


A Pole Type for Every Sailing Style & Budget 

From the smallest daysailor, to the largest offshore racing and cruising sailboats, Forespar makes a time-tested model of whisker pole to help you get downwind fast, safe and comfortably. We offer two basic styles of poles that feature either our Twist Lock or Line Control length adjustment systems. Each type comes in a wide array of options and sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect pole to match your sailing style.


Two Models to Choose From - Many Options

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Twist Lock - Perfect for smaller boat sailing on boats up to 28ft. Adjust & set length with a simple twist of the telescoping pieces.


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Line Control™ - Designed for larger sailboats up to 28ft. Adjust length with the pull of a line from the mast end of the pole.


Line Control Poles Come in Four Options:

Full Aluminum  |  50/50 Carbon Aluminum Full Carbon  |  Velocity Value Carbon




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