Twist Lock

The industry standards are set by Forespar’s® complete line of hiking sticks with designs and lengths to satisfy every sailor. Our telescoping models offer a choice of three excellent fastening devices: TFP (Quick Release); SF (Sta-Fast™); and SL (Speed-Lock) our new composite universal.

A long time favorite of serious sailors around the world, the TFP (Quick-Release) model can be instantly fastened to the tiller by simply depressing the plunger and inserting the detent pin into the special tubular fitting supplied. Again, an easy push on the plunger and the hiking stick is released from the tiller. Stow it or take it home with you. It’s fast, simple and secure.

Tubing clips great for secure storage of tube with dia. of 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1 1/8".

71 104016 Tiller, TFP-S Race $140.95 TWIST-LOCK TILLER EXTENSIONS
72 104017 Tiller, TFP-M Race $148.45 TWIST-LOCK TILLER EXTENSIONS
75 105120 Tiller STX 36" $146.45 TWIST-LOCK TILLER EXTENSIONS
79 108100 Tiller SF-S $189.95 TWIST-LOCK TILLER EXTENSIONS /media/StaFast108100and108101.jpg
tiller lock box
SKU: 100000

Tiller Lock Box

80 108101 Tiller SF-M $197.45 TWIST-LOCK TILLER EXTENSIONS
685 941020 MF 671 Mounting Clip .75" $4.85 TILLER CLIPS Molded of MarelonÆ for exceptional strength /media/TUBINGCLIP941020.jpg
686 941021 MF 672 Mounting Clip .875" $5.95 TILLER CLIPS
687 941022 MF 673 Mounting Clip 1" $6.45 TILLER CLIPS
688 941023 MF 674 Mounting Clip 1.125" $7.95 TILLER CLIPS
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