Robert Foresman started Forespar Products Corporation in 1966 because he wanted a telescoping whisker pole. Hundreds of products and years later, Forespar has become a large and diversified supplier of sailing and boating products to the world market.


The team at our plant in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, with the support of representatives, distributors, retailers and riggers have made our products standard equipment on the world's best boats, and widely available to boaters everywhere.


Over the years Forespar Products Corp. has brought forth a steady stream of truly innovative, high quality products that have increasingly incorporated lightweight, space-age materials that will not corrode or degrade from galvanic reaction. In this age of fiberglass boats, Dacron and Mylar sails and exotic running rigging it hardly makes sense to use "bronze age" materials on any vessel.


Our Marelon plumbing system components are an example of our use of new, lighter materials in designs that eliminate corrosion and electrolysis, and continue to grow in use by fine yacht builders around the world.


Our new "93" Series integrated thru-the-hull valves are the first change in marine plumbing systems to come along in many years.

The new "Ultra" Series carbon-fiber spinnaker and whisker poles and end fittings offer an unsurpassed strength and weight savings, and are proof of our commitment to developing new products and using state of the art materials and technologies.


Forespar's Light Composites Division is a top producer of carbon fiber structures for tiller extensions, spinnaker poles, whisker poles, wing spars, and radar spars.


Our motto has always been to build "Marine Products that Perform" – will make boating easier, safer, faster and a lot more fun.