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Marelon meets or exceeds ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) and ISO 9093-2 Standards.

'Series 93 locking - Forespar Marelon' Forespar Marine

Forespar is pleased to announce the ISO (International Marine Certification Institute) 9093-2 Certification on all Marelon integrated plumbing systems valves ('93' Series). The Forespar Marelon Ball Valves and Thru-hull fittings meet and exceed the ABYC H-27 and ISO 9093-2 Standards as presently written in all respects.

The Forespar marine sea-valve is made of Marelon, a polymer composite. Marelon is a proprietary formulation of polymer composite compounds using composite polymer resins and additives to produce a superior marine-grade product.

Forespar continues to expand their product range with a series of accessories.

  • Marelon NPSM threaded FLANGED seacocks to accept bronze or stainless steel thru-hulls.
  • Mushroom style thru-hull connectors are available with chrome plated head or Marelon.

Benefits include:

  • Outstanding operating temperature range (-22 to 176 F)
  • Lightweight yet extremely strong injection-molded parts
  • Complete freedom from any corrosion
  • Complete freedom from electrolysis or reaction to any metals
  • Long term reliability.
  • Forespar offers an optional locking plate installed at the factory on any '93' series Integrated Seacocks. These locking plates allow the handle to be set in the closed position and a padlock used to positively lock the valve closed.

    The Smart Valve provides the safety and assurance of a visual display panel showing which seacock is open or closed, without having to go below and pull up floorboards to make a visual inspection. Factory installed sensors use state-of-the-art sensing technology to monitor the valve’s handle position.

    Forespar thread form is the American NPSM standard. Some fittings are available in the British B.S.P. parallel.