Reaching Struts

These struts feature the easy-latching inboard fitting which easily and quickly snaps onto the mast right. Use of our stainless steel PE-3SF or PE-3SC mast pad eyes is recommended for proper fit. This series of strut features our special socket-type end that automatically locks onto the toggle-pin mast fitting with an easy push on the strut. A simple release lever allows the strut to be quickly removed. This strut is especially valuable in competitive racing situations. The TMP mast fittings are required. Compatible with TS and UTS inboard end fittings for reaching struts and Roll-X flopper stopper poles.

Fresh Water Rinse

258 304050 UXP-200-EF $171.95 FORESPAR'S ULTRA SERIES

Represents the cutting edge in spinnaker pole end fitting technology. Designed for high strength, very light weight and resistance to wear and corrosion the Ultra Series™ composite end fitting is perfect for aluminum or carbon fiber spinnaker poles and whisker poles. The Ultra Series™ is the salior's choice for inshore and offshore racing and cruising. Available with or without triggers. Maximum LOA Boat Outboard End - 43'. Maximum LOA Boat Inboard End - 36'. All larger boats use GP Series. See also: Size Recommendation Guide by length or boat model, Spinnaker poles, Spinnaker pole kits,Line Control Whisker Poles, Lock Repair Kits, and Twist Lock Poles For Boats To 28’. *Trip line is Spectra™ with terminal eye strap included. Length is sufficient for standard pole lengths based on diameter.


  UTR EF                                                          UXP EF  


SKU: 300002

Chock DC-2

SKU: 331000

CAR RC-125 Ring Car

259 304051 UXP-250-EF $196.95 FORESPAR'S ULTRA SERIES
260 304052 UXP-300-EF $222.95 FORESPAR'S ULTRA SERIES
305 309028 TS-300-EF without Trip $595.95 AUTOMATIC SOCKET END - TS & UTS
401 405006 TS-400-EF End Fitting $671.95 AUTOMATIC SOCKET END - TS & UTS
SKU: 335101

CAR VPC-125 (300)

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