Tea Tree Power®

Marine Grade Odor Control

Forespar's new Tea Tree Power® mold mildew & odor eliminator is a natural air cleaner formulated especially for marine use. Blended using 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, it maintains healthy air quality and leaves a subtle, naturally clean scent throughout the boat.

"The best odor fighter I have ever tried in 40+ years of sailing"
Jaime I. - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Non-toxic and bio-degradable, Tea Tree Power® uses pure natural oil distilled from the Australian Tea Tree to give it exceptional antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. More than a cover-up fragrance, Tea Tree Power® actually attacks and degrades airborne spores and penetrates porous boat surfaces to eliminate the odor source. It is also an effective mold cleaner and mildew cleaner strong enough to tackle the damp marine environment.

"I bought the Tea Tree Power® products for our sailboat, but ended up using them in our home! . . . When we put our boat in the water, I'll be using the Tea Tree products there, as well. It's a great product."
Jane D. - Massachusetts

Tea Tree Power® is available in either Gel or Spray & Mist form. The long-lasting Gel is available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 ounce sizes and provides continuous odor control, plus mold & mildew removal for up to 3-months by simply opening and placing where needed. Tea Tree Power® Spray & Mist comes in an aerosol free 8oz pump bottle and is perfect for immediate odor control and mold & mildew cleanup.

  • All Natural Made With 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Degrades & Attacks Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria
  • Neutralizes & Eliminates Odors Safely & Naturally
  • Long Lasting-Protection Maintains Healthy Cabin Air
What Customers Say About Tea Tree Power

Carol Sarokhan for Tea Tree Power® Gel



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Tea Tree Power Gel 2 oz Jar



Tea Tree Power Gel 4 oz Jar



Tea Tree Power Gel 8 oz Jar



Tea Tree Power Gel 16 oz Jar



Tea Tree Power 8 oz Spray Bottle



Tea Tree Power Gel 22 oz Refill Pouch



Tea Tree Power Gel 44 oz Refill Pouch



Tea Tree Power 2 oz Atomizer Pump



Tea Tree Power 16 oz Spray Bottle Refill


2-ounce gel

Tea Tree Power® gel, 2 oz.

The 2 oz. size is perfect for your boat's head, bilge, hanging and storage lockers, and galley cupboards. It will also take care of nasty odors in your car, your gym locker, and laundry room.

4-ounce gel

Tea Tree Power® gel, 4 oz.

The 4 oz. size works in cabins and staterooms on boats around the 20-30' size range. It also helps out in the baby's room and walk-in closets and delivers healthy air naturally if you place a jar in your office or craft room.

8-ounce gel

Tea Tree Power® gel, 8 oz.

The 8 oz. size will take care of your main salon and guest quarters on a 30-40' boat. You can also place it in your air handling unit to deliver its vapors through-out your boat. At home, place one in your media room/man cave to control odors. Place a jar in your kitchen and family room — it'll circulate to give you and your family clean, healthy air.

16-ounce gel

Tea Tree Power® gel, 16 oz.

The 16 oz. size handles big jobs on bigger boats. Multiple jars are a must for your larger on-board HVAC systems and to distribute throughout your cabins, guest quarters and salons.

8-ounce spray  

Tea Tree Power® spray, 8 oz.

The 8 oz. spray works anywhere to clean and disinfect surfaces naturally. A spritz or two in your head and storage lockers will work instantly to break down and eliminate any unpleasant odors. Attack the mold and mildew on the hard surfaces in your cabin by spraying, letting sit for a few minutes, and wiping clean. It will work on most porous surfaces — carpets, cushions, upholstery — to penetrate and deliver a deep antibacterial cleaning. Spray on your kitchen counters and in your bathroom to instantly clean and disinfect. Follow up with a jar of the appropriate size of Tea Tree Power® Gel to give continuing, long-lasting protection.

22-ounce refill

Tea Tree Power® 22 oz.
Refill Pouch

  • Strongest (40% stronger) and most economical refill available anywhere.
  • Refill your existing containers to maintain healthy air naturally.
  • Convenient foil packs. Large spout.
  • Re-sealable for long shelf life.
44-ounce refill

Tea Tree Power® 44 oz.
Refill Pouches

  • Super-Value Twin Pack!
  • Strongest (40% stronger) and most economical refill available anywhere.
  • Refill your existing containers to maintain healthy air naturally.
  • Convenient foil packs.   Large spout.
  • Re-sealable for long shelf life.
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