Marelon Water Strainers

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The Marelon T-150 compact raw water strainer is our compact strainer model. It features great throughput and the legendary Marelon resiliency in a compact package. If you're short on space or just want a smaller strainer without compromising quality, this is for you!

The T-150 has two 1-1/2” female NPSM (parallel threads) ports to which you can attach a straight or 90° hose barb tailpipe as needed. Marelon reducers are available to go from 1-1/2” hose to ¾” hose if needed. See adapters size list below. Maximum 150psi @ 70°F and 100psi @125°F. Not designed for pressure spikes exceeding maximum psi. Up to 12psi vacuum. 

The included mounting bracket requires two (2) ¼” fasteners (not included) to firmly mount to a bulk head or stringer and allows the “T” head to be rotated as needed. A flat washer under the fastener heads is recommended.

A seacock is required on the intake thru-hull, and it is advisable to have an inline valve on the back side (outlet) as well so the unit can be completely isolated for basket removal and cleaning without having backflow spillage into your bilge. The “T” head should be above the waterline. 

water strainer plumbingwater strainer plumbing

The MF810 water strainer is made of Marelon® (same material as our valves). It features a universal mounting bracket and clear polycarbonate lid for ready inspection. We recommend the MF810 for higher-flow scenarios where space for a larger strainer unit is available.

The stainless steel strainer basket can be easily removed for cleaning. Intake and exit ports are threaded in 1-1/2" (38.10mm) NSPM. Reducers for 3/4" (19.05mm) I.D. hose are available seperately. Diameter: 6.3" (160.02mm) Height: 6.1" (154.94mm) . The flow rate is 40 GPM (151.41l/m) with 1-1/2" (38.10mm) ports. (See reducers and adapters shown lower on this page)

The mounting bracket allows the strainer exit port to be positioned in the proper direction by simply loosing the bracket clamp and rotating the entire housing. The great flexibility provided by the bracket allows for installation almost anywhere aboard.

All of our strainers come with standard 1-1/2" NPSM threading. Forespar offers a wide variety of straight and right-angle adapters and tailpipes for compatibility with any installation scenario. Please see below for a complete catalogue of adapters we produce.

Click here to View Marelon Tailpipes

Click Here to View Marelon Elbows

Click Here for TITAN Strainer Product Specs

All of our strainers are molded from high-strength Marelon. Guaranteed zero corrosion and light weight. Clear covers allow for easy inspection to check for debris build-up.

Use Teflon Tape Or Plumbers Putty On Threads.

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Part No




Reducer 3/4" to 1/2" Male Threads



Coupler 1" Female to Female Threads



Coupler 1-1/2" Female to Female Threads



Coupler 1-1/4" Female to Female Threads



Coupler 1/2" Female to Female Threads



Coupler 3/4" Female to Female Threads



Reducer 1-1/2" to 1" Male Threads



Reducer 1-1/2" to 1-1/4" Male Threads



Coupler 1-1/2" to 1-1/2" Male to Male Threads



Coupler 3/4" to 3/4" Male to Male Threads



Reducer 1" to 3/4" Male Threads



MF 810 Water Strainer Basket Only



MF 810 Water Strainer



Gasket Set for MF 810 Water Strainer



Reducing Bushing Male Thread 1-1/2" to Female Thread 1"



Reducing Bushing Male Thread 1-1/2" to Female Thread 3/4"



MF 810 Water Strainer Cover Only



T-Strainer Bowl Only



T-Strainer Gasket Only



T-150 Water Strainer Screen Only #20 Mesh



T-150 Water Strainer Screen Only #8 Mesh



T-Strainer Mounting Bracket Only



T-150 Water Strainer 1-1/2"


Water Strainer Kit, MF 810 Only



TITAN Water Strainer


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