Sta-Plug® Emergency Plug - The Emergency Plug that Grips™


Sta-Plug® is Forespar’s form fitting emergency plug.  A soft cone shaped design allows it to easily fill the irregular shapes of hull impact breaches, as well as any round hole leak from a hose or through-hull.  Unique edge gripping riblets help hold the plug in a hole, keeping water out.  The riblets help Sta-Plug® conform to the shape of the hole, sealing a leak near the edge where a tight fit is crucial, and holding the plug more securely in place. Different by design, Sta-Plug’s® shape includes a series of concentrically larger riblets stepped along the length of the cone.  These riblets offer two big advantages over traditional straight edged emergency plugs:

  • They help Sta-Plug® conform to the hole near the edge where a tight fit is most crucial.
  • They help hold it more securely in place.
  • Twist and compress by hand to insert into hole.
  • Expands after insertion to hold in place.


Intended for temporary emergency use with continuous monitoring only, it gives the skipper greater peace-of-mind to allow them to focus on getting the boat to safety.

Made from high density foam, Sta-Plug® will remain soft and ready to go for years and will not mold or swell up like conventional wood plugs.

  • Can be cut with a knife to use in irregular shaped holes, or torn by hand near the riblets to make smaller diameter plugs for smaller holes.  Tearing at the 8th riblet creates a plug with a 2” diameter base.
  • Made from high density foam that is not susceptible to mold or swelling.
  • Bright orange color allows it to be quickly located in an emergency.
  • Dimensions:  9” High x 5” Diameter at base
  • Made right here in the USA.
  • Installation Video

Sta-Plug is also great for non-marine applications. In your RV/vehicle, home, workplace, and elsewhere. Customers have used it for leak control and temporary repair of low-pressure storage tanks, drums, and other containers.

  • Quick repair of storage tanks.
  • Ideal for emergency leak repairs on all types of metal, plastic, or composite tanks, drums, and shells.
  • Quickly stop leaks in low-pressure stainless steel/plastic containers.
  • Ideal for patching and repairing steel or plastic drums.
  • Will slow but may not completely stop leaks. Not for use with fuel leaks.

For temporary leak control only until appropriate disposal of the container, or permanent repair is possible.

“When time is critical, you need emergency equipment that works. Forespar makes good equipment.”   -- Mike, in Tampa, FL

Price: $19.95

Shipping Weight: 8 oz



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Lightning Master



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