Photos of Forespar Employees & Associates

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the boats we own and/or sail on. Since many of us race, cruise or live aboard, we are always looking for ways to improve our boats. Many product improvements began as customer suggestions so please send us your thoughts or look for us on the water!

Rick Colliers on Karma

Boat Name: Karma

Boat Model:Dash 34

Homeport: Kingston, WA

Owner: Rick Colliers

Title: Sales Representative

Boat Name: Eclipse

Boat Model:Tartan 10

Homeport: Milwaukee, WI

Owner: Ken Quant

Title: Owner, Broad Reach Marketing

Notes:A well-known and successful local race boat, Eclipse has literally exposed hundreds of people to sailing and sailboat racing throughout the years.

Boat Name: Red Line

Boat Model:Soverel 33

Homeport:BCYC, Newport Beach, CA

Owner: Mike & Pat Dwight

Title: Owners, HQZ Experts

Forespar Products: Boom vang, spinnaker pole, tiller extensions

Notes: Good, fast and reliable boat. Lots of fun. Won a pile of trophies, including some big ones. Still fast, still fun.

Forespar VP Bill Hanna at the wheel of the Maxi Ragamuffin in the Whitsunday Islands

Boat Name: Maxi Ragamuffin

Boat Model: Maxi Racer

Homeport: Whitsunday Island

Owner: Bernard Heimann

Notes: Built in 1979 in Sydney Aus. by Kelly and Haugh. Won a wide variety of international yacht races as Bumblebee and as Ragamuffin.

Boat Name: Racer X

Boat Model: A class catamaran

Homeport: West river sailing club, Galesville, Maryland

Owner:Tony Arends, Forespar Sales Representative

Title: Distributor Sales Mgr. – Marketing & Promo Mgr.

Forespar Products: 2” carbon fiber tube, used for 7’ long boom. 72” big stick carbon fiber tiller extension, used for tiller cross bar. Speed lock universal end, used for tiller to cross bar links. Nash marine labels/ racing decal, used on each hull to display code flags and starting sequences.

Notes: At 18’ long and with a sail area of 150 square feet the A class catamaran is one of the fast single handed sail boats in the world. It’s carbon fiber construction allows the boat to have an all up sailing weight of 165lbs.

"Gesture" hard on the wind with Art Bandy looking at the competition far behind.

Boat Name: Gesture

Boat Model: Custom S&S 57

Historic Note: "Gesture” is a one-off Sparkman & Stephens 57 (57 on deck, 9-1/2 foot draft-full keel with a barn door rudder, 41 foot waterline until she heals over!) built in 1941 at Quincy Adams Yard in Boston. This is a classic woody, shown here off Southern California when she was based in Newport Beach, CA some years ago. Although all sailors know that the size of a boat has little to do with how much we enjoy sailing her, there is something to be said about the special feel of a sail like this.

Out of our love for classics such as this, several Forespar employees worked for more 20 years on her restoration. Most credit goes to Art Bandy (OEM Sales Manager).

Forespar Products: We built the boom, new spreaders, spinnaker pole and reaching strut. Also has a holding tank discharge deck flange and an ML-2 combo light and Lightning Master™ at the top.

Skip Chetelat at the wheel of "Drumbeat" after winning the 1987 TransPac race. He looks like he is dressed more for the Atlantic than the warm Pacific. Skip is Forespar's Senior Spar Designer.

Boat Name: Drumbeat

Boat Model: Nelson-Marek 68

Homeport: Newport Beach, CA

Owner: The Ayres Family

Title: Senior Spar Designer

Forespar Products: Plumbing valves, Overboard pole, Shackle guards, Railfast fittings

Notes: Drumbeat, is shown here about as far from land as one can get. Skip is bringing her home from Hawaii, approx 1500 miles off shore after winning the 1987 Transpac Race. It's really cold in the middle of the Pacific - and this was August!  Under the Fowlies were long johns, levis, long-sleeved shirt and a sweater...

"Maiden" racing in the "Angleman Series" off Newport Beach, CA

Boat Name: Maiden

Boat Model: Moore 24

Homeport: Newport Beach, CA

Owner: Risvold Bros (Randy works for Forespar)

Title: Senior Customer Service

Forespar Products: Spinnaker Pole, Tiller Extension

Same boat sailing in BCYC’s Angleman Series sailed out of Newport Beach CA.

Moore 30 "Forthcoming" screaming into the lead off Newport Beach

Boat Name: Forthcoming

Boat Model:
Moore 30

Homeport: Newport Beach, CA

Owner: Robert Klein, Randy Risvold aboard

Title: Senior Customer Service

Forespar Products: Spinnaker Pole and Tiller Extension

Notes: Randy raced this Moore 30 in the Nineties. This picture was taken as "Forthcoming" was passing the last big boat, a Santa Cruz 50, on an Opening Day race from Los Angeles Yacht Club to Newport Harbor Yacht Club.

"Willow Wind" crossing the finish line off Diamond Head after winning her class in the TransPac. She is under control but obviously not in a position to carry more sail.

Boat Name: Willow Wind

Boat Model:
Cal 40

Homeport: Long Beach, CA

Owner: Wendy Segal (Alamedos Bay Yacht Club), Randy Risvold aboard

Title: Senior Customer Service

Forespar Products: Spinnaker Pole, Reaching Strut, Marelon Valves, Safety Gear

Notes: The Cal 40 Willow Wind, finishing the 2001 after 14.3 days at sea. 1st. in Cruising Class A. These popular Bill Lapworth designs were a rare combination of a great cruising boats as well as a success on the race course.

Photo taken in Sausalito, California

Boat Name: Sheunghai (Long Life of Double Happiness)

Boat Model:
Chinese Junk

Homeport: San Francisco, CA

Owner: Merit Lee

Title: Webmaster

Forespar Products: Mini Galley Stove and Marelon plumbing

Notes: Built in Hong Kong in the late 1950s of 20 year old air dried teak, with bamboo batten sails.

Bruce Brown took a turn at the helm when Lending Club 2 visited San Francisco Bay in Summer 2015.

Boat Name: Lending Club 2

Boat Model:
105 feet maxi-trimaran

Homeport: San Francisco

Owner: Leased in 2015 by Lending Club, Bruce Brown at the wheel

Title: Sales Representative

Notes: Lending Club 2 set three world speed records in Europe, the Atlantic and the Pacific in 2015.

Chance off Hawaii after winning the 1991 TransPac

Boat Name: Chance

Boat Model:
Santa Cruz 70

Homeport: Los Angeles Yacht Club

Owner: Bob McNulty; Andrew Gothard crewing at pit

Title: Leisure Furl and Spar Assembly Lead

Notes: Chance was first to finish, first in class and first overall in the 1991 TransPac. Andrew raced throughout the world and represented Australia in internationals more than 15 years.

Chance owner Bob McNulty at the wheel, Andrew at the grinder

Bruce Brown at the helm of TKO during the 2015 Newport to Ensenada Race

Boat Name: TKO

Boat Model:

Homeport: Balboa Yacht Club, Newport Beach, CA

Owner: John Raymont; Bruce Brown serves as watch captain

Title: Sales Representative

Ken Quant sailing Lake Michigan waters


Kirk Brown, sales representative, on Umpire Boat 3 during the America's Cup in 2007. Kirk is an ISAF International umpire and judge. He was part of the umpire team for America’s Cup 32 in Valencia Spain. Kirk has umpired world championship events all over the world. ‘Being in the arena’ was the high point of this event and indeed in every event. In Kirk's words: "Umpiring and judging has extended my sailing career past the point where I could be competitive as a racer, although I still get out on the LBYC Catalina 37s from time to time."


Boat Name: Windarra

Boat Model:
Beneteau 473

Homeport: Padanaram MA

Owner: Tom Peelen

Title: Sales Representative

Forespar Products used on the boat: Leisure Furl, 13-24 whisker pole, Nova Lift, Nova Davit, Man Overboard Pole OP-120, Floating Strobe Light WL-1. LED Mast Light ML-2, Sta Plugs, Lightning Master Static Dissipater, Tea Tree Power.

Notes: Tom sails Windarra to Florida yearly as a southern office.