LanoCote® Lubricants & Coatings


How does LanoCote® work?

LanoCote® lubricates and protects standing and running gear for the short and long term.  Engineered on five basic principals: displaces water, absorbs corrosion, forms moisture barrier, penetrates and has high lubricity, LanoCote just plain works - and at a very good price.  LanoCote® prevents dissimilar metal galvanization. LanoCote® is extremely effective in preventing and stopping corrosion on all types of metals under all environmental conditions. Formulated to withstand salt water marine conditions, LanoCote® is particularly useful in preventing thread seizure due to all types of corrosion on boats and machinery. Applied during assembly, LanoCote® will greatly assist in easy dismantling years later. For example, you can coat and lubricate anchor shackles which are regularly immersed in salt water. LanoCote® also combats galvanization where dissimilar metals are fastened together, such as stainless steel fittings on alloy masts etc.

Apply LanoCote® on turnbuckle and shackle threads to prevent galling.

Apply LanoCote® on your plumbing system valves to keep them operating smoothly.


lanocote boat lubricant

Greater penetration and more uniform protection

LanoCote® is the safe and natural product that stops and prevents rust, oxidation and electrolysis. LanoCote®, just became even more environmentally safe now that it is available in a new 8 oz dispenser spray bottle.

Spray LanoCote® on electrical terminals to prevent corrosion.

LanoCote® is a registered trademark of Lanocote, Inc

Read more in our Press Release about LanoCote® Spray (.pdf)

LanoCote is a non-toxic lanolin based grease. It will keep dissimilar metal parts from reacting galvanically. A little bit goes a long way as a protective film is present even if not visible. While environmentally friendly if you get it on your clothes it can be hard to wash out. Clean up with Acetone.







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LanoCote® Aerosol 8oz



LanoCote® Jar 4oz



LanoCote® Jar 16oz



LanoCote® Prop & Bottom 16oz



LanoCote® Pump Spray Bottle 8oz


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