Product Policies

Quality Components
Whatever you order, you’ll receive more for your money from Forespar®. For example, we only use AmSteel®Blue Dyneema® composite line on our bridles and heavy duty vinyl on our lanyard wire, not the thin coated type for sail-makers. Our castings are prime type 356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to T-6 condition for strength and a higher coefficient of elongation. This means a reduction in brittleness without reducing the heat treated strength.
Superior Anodizing
The clear anodizing used on our tubing meets military specifications, which means approximately three times the coating thickness of “commercial” grade anodizing. Our end fittings, where corrosion resistance is particularly important, are carefully machined, extensively deburred and then finished with a high quality, hard coat finish of 2 mil. minimum thickness anodizing. Our fittings are not dyed painted or stained to cover up letter quality, and we invite you to compare Forespar® fittings with those of any other manufacturer.
Ordering Options
IMPORTANT: There are three distinct ways to order our spinnaker poles, reaching struts and jib booms.
1. Customized: Poles may be ordered to the specific length required for your boat. Simply specify our Model No. and the exact overall length required.
2. “Kit” Form: Everything for a complete pole job is included in our “kit” packages. The tubing is supplied in the maximum length recommended for the particular diameter ordered. One end fitting is left unfastened so that the tubing can be cut to length, before final customizing. By keeping an inventory of kit poles, you can quickly and easily customize them to whatever length your customer requires. This eliminates “single item” freight costs and keeps your customer happy with fast immediate service.
3. Fittings and Tubing: If you have the know how, and the simple tools necessary, you can order the component parts and save money by doing the assembly yourself. Simply specify the model numbers of the end fittings and tubing sizes required.
Every boom or strut is individually packed in its own shipping container for maximum protection and a “new” look when it arrives at the destination. Multi-packed items are protected by individual polyethylene bags.
Returned Merchandise
No returns will be accepted without prior agreement from Forespar® including instructions on methods of shipment and return authorization number. Customized merchandise is not returnable or cancellable. All purchases, both through this website and directly with Forespar, are governed by these policies. Please refer to our Shipping, Returns, & Exchanges PolicyInternational Ordering & Shipping Policy, and our Limited Warranty for products.
Repairs necessary due to accident, misuse or normal wear and tear, will be made at customers request. Charges for such repairs will include published price of replacement parts and reasonable labor costs. All merchandise being returned for repair must be shipped prepaid and include return address and repair instructions.
A Return Authorization Number from our Customer Service department is required.
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Product pricing, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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