MareLube™ EXTRA

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MareLube EXTRA™ is a high load, waterproof, synthetic grease developed for the harsh marine conditions seen by recreational and commercial boaters.

A totally waterproof pure synthetic grease containing sub-micron size PTFE powder to provide superior lubrication in wet conditions.  Formulated to seal out water and lubricate under the most adverse conditions.  Will not wash off in fresh or salt water or detergents.

Creates a tough, durable film of lubrication to prevent metal-to-metal contact even under severe shock loads

Provides a long-lasting and water resistant PTFE lubrication barrier that controls rust and corrosion.  For superior lubrication of all sliding surfaces, gears, any other heavily loaded moving parts, and slow to moderate speed bearings in wet or dry conditions.


Also a great general-purpose marine lubricant perfect for those common uses around the boat, from hatches to sliding doors and hundreds of uses.

Available in 4oz jars, MareLube EXTRA™ is the perfect onboard lubricant to keep things working smoothly.

  • Keeps moving parts moving under load and has many lubrication uses around the boat, house or shop.
  • Keeps salt and grime from gumming swiveling or sliding action and effectively fights corrosion.
  • Use on anchor shackles, gears, o-rings, cover snaps, trailer hitch levers & balls, battery terminals and hatch hinges. Slow to moderate speed bearings up to about 1000 rpm.
  • Non-conductive – Non-melting – Temperature range 20° to 350°F (-7° to 177°C).
  • Totally waterproof – Will not wash off.
  • Pure synthetic grease – Contains no petroleum.
  • ISO 9001 Certified.




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MareLube™ Extra 4oz



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