Whisker Poles & Equipment Overview

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"I can't imagine sailing downwind without my whisker pole". I make offshore passages for a living and I count on my Forespar* whisker pole. It's an aluminum and carbon, telescoping model that gives me great flexibility when polling out my head sail. The pole is robust, well engineered and easy to set. When the wind pipes-up I'm able to keep sailing on a deep reach and if it builds more I simply furl the sail, adjust the pole length and keep blasting along. I can't imagine sailing offshore without my Forespar* whisker pole.

John Kretschmer
Professional Passagemaker
Sailing Writer

#Whisker poles are used to "wing out" the jib when sailing downwind. Sailors who have experienced downwind sailing without one can appreciate the value of being able to stabilize the jib, enabling the sail to work more efficiently.

Forespar* manufactures the finest and most complete line of Whisker Poles in the world. All Whisker Poles are constructed of high strength anodized aluminum tubing, and both telescoping and fixed-length models are available. Two styles of telescoping poles are offered—the Twist-Lock style and the Line-Control style.

Where wind conditions tend to be gusty, the double latch option is recommended to avoid accidental detachment of the sheet from the pole end {Twist-Lock style poles).

The table below is meant to be used as a general guideline for selecting the proper whisker pole. Shown are pole recommendations relative to the following three variables: Boat Length, Sail Choice, and Wind Conditions. Boats with relatively heavy displacements or bowsprits should use the next larger pole.


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