Whisker Pole How To Chose A Pole

Let’s tighten this up or break it up and add some explanations. Forespar will know best.


Tech Tips
Maintaining your new whisker Pole

Video – Using your new whisker pole


Why we recommend Lanocote for end fitting lubrication

Click here for information on how to chose a pole.


First Choose Carbon or Aluminum (price vs reduced weight and better performance see details below)

Second Choose outboard end fitting Trigger vs External Trip (page 5 of word doc)

Third Choose Mast Options: Fixed Ring or Socket or, Mast car on track with ring or Socket (TS) fitting (page 6 and 7 of word doc)

Fourth Choose Storage Option. Mast Storage, Deck Storage, Stanchion Storage. (page 8 of word doc)


make a page for 1-4 make a page for each of these

and link in from the this choose a pole page


just put in text field 1 for now

need to have subnav not breadcrumb for these options

Choose a pole
Chose outboard

Chose Mast Options

Chose Storage Options