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My boat felt heavy and slow. I checked the engine and found water pouring out of the cracked muffler and into the bilge. The boat listed starboard aft and brought the exhaust below water level. Now I had lake water quickly filling the bilge through the submerged exhaust and cracked muffler. As my buddy feverishly bailed water, I went below deck and retrieved my Sta-Plug.

It was a very creepy feeling going down below with ankle-deep water in the cabin. We both had life vests on. As a good Samaritan boater stood by, certain to rescue us from our listing, sinking boat, I held up my Sta-Plug and asked them to watch me as I go into the water. I plugged my exhaust and boarded My Boat and gave them the thumbs up. We're no longer taking on water. I told them the Tow Boat is 25 minutes out and Coast Guard is on their way. Then they asked me where my marina is, and I pointed 2 Miles ashore directly ahead. Certain that I wasn't going to sink, they tied lines and towed me to my marina. I took over bailing while under tow and righted the listing. When we reached my marina, they severed the lines and I made the Marina Company Docks under my own power and retrieved my trailer from storage.

Your product saved my boat from a submerged salvage to a simple tow. All of my friends are sharing my story, and everyone is now buying Sta-Plugs.

Thank You, GOD Bless you.
Ronald Miller

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