Gasket Set for MF 810 Water Strainer

Item Number: 906067

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Water strainers should be installed a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) above the static (vessel moored) waterline whenever possible. A marine valve (seacock) must be used (required) on the intake side and an inline ball valve is recommended (optional) on the outlet side as well. This will allow complete closer of any flow, intake and back-flow from the engine, when the water strainer cover is removed for service (cleaned). The bracket mount can be removed for ease of installation by loosening the Phillips-head bolt on the bottom of the mounting bracket. The bolt does not need to be fully removed, simply loosened. Choose the bulkhead to which you wish to mount the water strainer bracket and fasten with #10 screws or bolts as desired. The bracket can be mounted and the water strainer then set into the bracket. The outlet port can then be turned to the desired direction and the locking bolt on the bottom of the bracket tightened to secure the strainer in position. Tips: Never remove the lid (cover) when the engine is running. Be sure to close the intake seacock (and outlet valve, if used) before removing lid. The lid fits tightly against a gasket. Using screwdrivers or other tools as wedges may crack or break the lid. Be careful to work the lid evenly with your fingers around its circumference when removing. Be careful not to let fuels, gas or diesel, or any solvents splash on the lid. Inspect and clean routinely. Your engine or other equipments cooling system is depending on it!,

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