Tea Tree Power® Testimonials


“We are live aboards and our boat is an old Danish fishing vessel converted for long range cruising. We placed one unit in a locker in the galley and the other near the pet carrier / dog’s bunk in the aft cabin. In both locations within a short period of time and especially overnight a subtle smell of the Tea Tree was noticeable. Also, the hand spray product I put to use on some wire runs that had mildew stains on them. They cleaned up like new as well as the overhead area where they were run. I would have no hesitation in continued use of your products.

Kirk S. – Washington

“The best odor fighter I have ever tried in 40+ years of sailing.”

Jaime I. – Puerto Rico

“Thank you for introducing us to Tea Tree Power® freshener. A customer with a 43' sailboat in marina was complaining of a head odor no amount of cleaning would eliminate. We placed the dispenser on the counter in his head and now the whole boat has a fresh scent -- not overly sweet as most air fresheners can be. Thanks again."

Greg C. -- Massachusetts

“We have an oiled Teak interior on our Bristol 35.5 that attracts mildew by late summer. Since opening the jar of Tea Tree Power she has remained mildew free into the fall sailing season. I will definitely recommend this product to my customers.”

Jim M. -- Maine

“My anchor locker smells fresh and the mold that was present wipes clean very easily. Smells way better in only three days. Good stuff.”

Robert M. -- California

“I am a believer. Twenty-four hours of gel on my boat in the head and it smells better than it has in years. I also spritzed a smelly old pair of boat shoes and they are now allowed back in the house.”

Pat B. -- Ohio

“My parents are thrilled with the effect the gel had on their 40-foot Sea Ray. I placed the gel canister on a shelf in the fore peak where an unpleasant smell of mildew had formed. When they came back to use their boat a week later, planning on going through their normal routine of airing the boat out for a while they quickly realized there was no need. That musty smell was replaced with a satisfying scent of Tea Tree.”

“I also used the Tea Tree spray on my 15- foot Zodiac. The grime of mold forms quickly on the hard bottom floor and keeping up with the cleaning can be a lot of work. I sprayed the floor and left it for a minute. It made it easy to wipe off and left a nice scent afterward.”

John S. -- Virginia

“I have bought two 8 oz jars of Tea Tree Power® over the past year. One jar is in the guest head in our boat (with poor ventilation) and the other is placed in a guest bath in our home (also with poor ventilation). Within two days in each case, all odors that existed in these rooms disappeared.

“Tea Tree does not emit an odor within itself but it seems to eliminate any odors whatsoever from the rooms. The rooms have been rendered odorless. Therefore I feel that we're not adding odors, i.e. pollution, into the air. Both jars last between 6-8 months with 3 holes opened in each lid.”

John H. -- Colorado

“I first purchased Tea Tree Power® at the 2013 Miami Boat Show. I purchased two jars and placed them both in the cabin of our boat. Within a few days all the musty odors went away as did the mold. The boat is kept on a lift and therefore the air conditioning cannot be run continually. I live in Florida where it's hot and humid year around. Since it worked so well I purchased more and use it continually. It's an excellent product and it works, I highly recommend it!”

Lee S. – Florida

“I bought the Tea Tree Power® products for our sailboat, but ended up using them in our home! Our heating system ducts smelled moldy. I took some small little bowls that would fit behind the grates, filled them with the Tea Tree Power® Gel and placed them in the intake ducts for the heating system. Voila! The moldy smell disappeared almost immediately. When we put our boat in the water, I'll be using the Tea Tree products there, as well. It's a great product that delivered on its promise!”

Jane D. -- Massachusetts

“I have been battling mold and mildew in my boat for years. I have tried vinegar, bleach, and various special purpose cleaners. I have scrubbed, scraped, and rinsed. Nothing worked particularly well. Tea Tree Power® Gel is a magic solution. It works 24 x 7 year round. No need for scrubbing or scrapping. It even smells good!”

Fred G. – Nova Scotia, Canada

“I purchased the Tea Tree Power® for our boat. We are live aboards, and have been for the last 11 years, and I try to keep the boat smelling fresh. During the winter months in South Florida there are times that the boat is closed up during the day, because of rain or cold weather, and when we come home in the evenings it can smell musty from being closed up. I have noticed that with the Tea Tree Power®, it controls the musty odor, along with any head odor that we have.

“Also, it has helped keep the mold and mildew issues under control and I don't seem to be cleaning up the mold and mildew as often as I used to. Which I know is much better for us, since we aren't breathing in the mold spores that may be in the boat without it. It is a product that I always keep on my boat, and use on a regular basis.”

Cindy G. – Florida

“I have used the Tea Tree Power® gel for one summer and one winter season on my boat. My interior boat cabin is mostly fabric (it is an older boat, 27', 1987) and the Tea Tree gel has eliminated any odor along with basically eliminating all mold. While it may seem pricey, it is worth it.”

Ronald C. -- Massachusetts


"I've always used tea tree oil as a natural remedy, due to its aromatic, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Forespar's Tea Tree Power has made this natural agent even more effective and easy to use, while remaining all natural. In a couple of sprays, I can now deodorize and disinfect my shoes, synthetic athletic gear, and moldy cabinets under the sink. Best of all, you are left with that fresh Tea Tree scent, rather than the unpleasant artificial smell common to other synthetic cleaning agents. The gel form is also great for deodorizing and sanitizing air in contained spaces like the bathroom or in the car."

Bryant F. -- California

“Skunk smell in the house was gone within 2 days.”

Ronald C. -- Massachusetts

“I had a couple of mold/mildew spots in the shower between the tub and wall. The spots were sprayed with Tea Tree Power® and left to soak for a bit until dry. Once dry, the Tea Tree Power® was reapplied and the spots were scrubbed clean. After a week, this process was repeated and the areas are as good as new. The mold is gone. Aside from an amazing job destroying mold, the Tea Tree Power also has a pleasant scent.”

Shannon R. -- California

“During Hurricane Sandy I lost power for a week. When I returned to my place after my power was restored, the inside of my refrigerator/freezer was alive in a scary primeval way. After throwing out the entire contents (I will spare you those horrific details) and cleaning inside and out with Clorox wipes, I still could not kill or mask the awful smell of death in my flat. WALA! I opened a small sample of the Forespar® Power Gel, placed it on the top of my fridge and by the next morning the smell was history.”

Ken M. -- Connecticut

“I used it on the walls of my shower in the master bedroom as well as on counter surfaces in my kitchen. It smells great and it's long lasting!”

Robert M. – New York

“I sprayed the mold remover on two different days and noticed a change just after the first spraying. The bathroom smells fresh and the amount of moldy areas are diminishing.”

Susanne C. -- California

“I just tested our furnace which has been off since May. Usually the first few runs of the system result in some unpleasant smelling air. With all hope, I placed the Tea Tree Power® on the shelf of my return-air vent. When the heater kicked in there was the familiar smell, but for like two minutes, then no odor. Impressive.”

Skip C. -- California

“I finally tried the Tea Tree Power® spray on that mildewed ceiling in my shower. I was amazed! I spray it on, let it sit for a minute, and wiped. All the mold immediately disappeared – and this was from a textured ceiling. I’ve put the 2-ounce jar of Tea Tree Power® on the window sill below the “former mildew spot” and have had no recurrence of mold or mildew. This has been a constant problem spot in my bathroom and with Tea Tree Power® the problem is gone!”

Hank T -- California

Cars & Trucks

“I got into my car one morning and noticed an extremely foul odor. After scraping most of a dead rodent off the engine the carcass smell was still strong. That evening I put a jar of Tea Tree Power® in a foot well and rolled up the windows. Next morning there was no odor at all! I’m sold. This stuff is great.”

Mike W. -- California