Winch - #6 Corrosion-Proof Marelon

Molded of Marelon® for exceptional strength, this lightweight winch will easily handle up to 200 square feet of sail. This little winch is ideal for use on the modern trailer-sailor or the small racer. On larger boats, it is great for out-hauls and other control lines with relatively low loads. Weighing in at less than one pound you will find many uses for his tough little winch. Use four ¼" fasteners (not included).

  • Product of ultra light composite technology
  • For up to 200 sq. ft. of sail Only weighs .86 lbs
  • All Marelon® construction No corrosion
  • Accepts standard star drive winch handle 8:1 power ratio when used with a 10" handle
  • 6:1 power ratio when used with an 8" handle
  • Ideal halyard & sheet winch


  • Height: 3-3/8”, Base diameter” 3-5/8”
  • Top Diameter: 3-1/4”, Drum diameter” 2-7/16
  • Four ¼” fastener holes in 1-7/8” square pattern

"These popular label sets are great for any racer or cruiser. Add safety and organization to your above and below deck systems. Remember, not everyone on board knows your boat as well as you do. All labels are self-adhesive, vinyl plastic, waterproof and won’t fade. Perfect for flat, round or irregular surfaces of metal, fiberglass or paint. Nova Lift™ comes with a stainless steel lower mounting tube that will accommodate 30"" height rails. Vessels with rails higher than 30"" will require the use of a deck pad (not included) to raise the installation to the proper height. The Nova Lift™ with winch is ideal for trawlers and motor yachts where sailboat winches are not available. 220 lbs. Maximum Load All Marelon Construction"

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