ReFresh™ Clean Up Concentrate

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ReFresh Clean Up Concentrate works differently from, and goes far beyond other available bactericide, enzyme, oxidizer, olfactory desensitizers and masking treatments.  On physical contact, ReFresh Concentrate permanently neutralizes the source of odors.  And it contains inhibitors with the reserve capacity to control odors long after application.

Effective  –  ReFresh Concentrate works through a complex three part contact chemistry to neutralize the source of the odor for permanent elimination:  ReFresh uses a combination of three chemical processes to eliminate odors:  Chemical Bonding (binds with and kills the source), Odor Absorption (pairs with and neutralizes the odor), and Source Counteraction (penetrates & converts).  Apply to affected area and directly onto odor source.

Contact Chemistry works when ReFreshCleanup Concentrate comes into physical contact with an odor source.  It is not a cover-up.  Equally effective when mixed with bilge cleaners, detergents, soaps, disinfectants (less effective with chlorine bleach) and sanitizers.


One 16 oz concentrate bottle makes 10 quarts of deodorizer that attacks the odor source, eliminating the smell.  Works when diluted with water and put in direct contact with odor’s source.  Apply solution with bucket, spray, or by hand to penetrate all areas.

Safe  –  ReFresh Cleanup Concentrate is a blend of exceptionally safe, nontoxic, non-irritating, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic ingredients – as well as being biodegradable.  Non-Toxic – All Natural – Water Based – And it really works!!

Utilization  –  ReFresh Concentrate comes in a 16 Oz / .95 L metered bottle and makes 10 quarts / 9.5 L of working solution.  Unlike enzymes, it IS compatible with bilge cleaners, detergents or germicides and works at any temperature.

  • Use for fish odors, mold & mildew odors, cooking, tobacco smoke, spoiled food, pet odors and vomit odors (after proper clean-up).
  • Use on fabrics, hard surfaces, refrigerators, coolers, galley and more…
  • Removes odor from heads, fish, bilges, pets and vomit (after proper cleanup).
  • Use on hard surfaces, refrigerators, coolers, fabrics in washer and more…
  • Non-Staining and fast acting.
  • Fully compatible with detergents and germicides (not chlorine or oxygen bleaches) and works well at any temperature from 5° to 130°F (-15° to 54°C).
  • Works on gas & oil orders (see pre-treatment instructions).

Go to the ReFresh Odor Wizard for specific instructions on the best method of controlling and eliminating specific marine odors.


Compact –  1 bottle of ReFresh Concentrate creates 10x of powerful solution.

Convenient  –  Stores easily and indefinitely in any conditions and no special requirements.

Effective  –  Not a cover up.  Goes to the odor source and eliminates it.  Inhibitors control odors long after application.

Responsible  –  Naturally Green Product.  Water based.  Non-toxic.  Biodegradable.



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