Whisker Pole, Line Control LC 10-18 EL-UXP, Piston Outboard End, Complete Pole, 33' Boat Max.

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Whisker Pole, Line Control Lc 10-18 El-Uxp, Piston Outboard End, Complete Pole, 33 Foot Boat Max.



Whisker poles are used for non-spinnaker class racing and short-handed cruising, or whenever downwind performance is desired without the use of conventional spinnakers. A properly sized and deployed whisker pole will allow the headsail to add considerable power and speed to downwind sailing. Telescoping whisker poles allow one pole to be used with furling headsails or multiple sized jibs and genoas on a given boat. By projecting the headsail out to weather and out of the mainsailŪs žwind shadowÓ, the headsail can fill and stabilize. Without a whisker pole, the headsail will flop from side to side, limp and useless. The use of a whisker pole will allow žwing on wingÓ sailing dead downwind with surprising performance. In recent years, asymmetrical spinnakers have become žall the rageÓ in off-the-wind sailing. These sails are subject to the same dynamics as jibs or genoas as you turn closer to dead down wind or try to sail ždeepÓ. The use of a whisker pole to hold out the clew of the asymmetrical sail will stabilize the sail in the same way as it does a genoa and allow better performance and an increased žsailing angleÓ with these sails.

Forespar∆ does not ship ends with any lubrication. The use of oils and sprays tends to attract dirt and salt as it makes the pistons žstickyÓ. We strongly suggest not using any form of lubricants on any part of your whisker pole. Flush with fresh water regularly!

FC-125 Heavy Duty Car (Vertical storage O.K.) SC-250 Stanchion Chock (For storage) VPC-125-250 Vertical Pole Storage Car (2-1/2") DC-2 Deck Chock 1-1/4" "T" Track (Per Foot) AS-125 Track End Stops

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