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June Issue 2011

Lightning Sinks Wisconsin Boat

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, frequent cloud to ground lightning was seen above Milwaukee. That's when witnesses saw a lightning bolt hit a 30-foot ketch on its mooring in McKinley Marina near downtown. "It lit up like a Christmas tree," was how one observer described the strike.

Within an hour the boat completely sank. The cause was an old bronze through-hull that was completely blown out of the hull by the strike, leaving a 3-inch hole. Two Forespar products could have helped prevent this disaster.

Our Lightning Master ion dissipater could have reduced the build-up of static ground charge, retarding the formation of the ion "streamer" that completed the path for the lightning strike.

Nonconductive Marlon composite through-hulls would not have attracted the energy from the bolt like the bronze through-hull.

For pictures of the hole and a video of the boat being salvaged by the crane go to:



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Lanocote Prop and Bottom Applications

Whether power or sail, even moderate marine growth on your prop and underwater appendages will dramatically increase drag, making them inefficient. This reduces performance and unnecessarily burns fuel.

Fortunately Forespar's new Lanocote Prop & Bottom application can solve this problem. This natural waxy paste will adhere to your prop and limit unwanted marine growth. Apply it yourself or have your driver apply it every few months. It is inexpensive, it works's GREEN.

For dealer ordering information please contact Art Bandy at:

New Sizing for Elbows and Tailpipes

Forespar has tooled and molded two new sizes of Marelon elbows and tailpipes for quick set up on 1-1/4" engine intake lines. Ideal for use with our MF 810 Water Strainer with 1-1/2" female threaded ports, the new parts include a 1-1/2" male thread to 1-1/4" hose barb 90-degree elbow (part #905052 HECM-24/20) and 1-1/2" male thread to 1-1/4" hose barb strait tailpipe (part #905017 CF 252).

We have also tooled and molded new male threads 1" to 1-1/8" hose barb elbows (part #901053 HECM 16/16.125) for use with the 1-1/8" hose size that is common in bilge pumps and live-well pump systems. Combined with our popular 1-1/8" straight tailpipe (part #905016 CF 252), 1" male threads to 1-1/8" hose barbs and 1-1/8" "Y" valves and vented loops, these new Marelon parts are perfect for recreational boaters looking to update their plumbing systems.

Sunflower arrives in Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Following up on an article in the April newsletter, Mark and Bev Lenci, Beneteau 53 "Sunflower," with their new custom mast and Leisure Furl boom system, have arrived in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

According to Mark, "We had a COLD, wet and foggy 12 days working our way up to Nova Scotia. We got a good deal of practice with the new rig and Leisure Furl system and can report excellent performance in all regards. Noticeable aspects included 10- to 15-degree better upwind performance and how the reduced weight aloft improved the roll characteristics. We got good practice at retrieving the main and reefing and can now confidently do it with one person. The rig is clearly rugged/solid."

Sunflower in now headed to Newfoundland, Madeleine Islands, and Prince Edward Island.

You can check out the Lenci's adventures at

Video of the Month... Don't Forget the TruPlug

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