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May Issue 2011

Wheel Steering from the Cat-Bird Seat

Forespar's new wheel-mounted Steering Control Arm extends the helmsman's range when behind the wheel to allow for movement away from the helm station. Made specifically for use while motoring or easy sailing, the quick-release Steering Control Arm enhances safety by increasing a driver's forward sightline and offers new sitting positions including from the stern rail seat on many boats.

It uses a twist-lock extension with a special quick-release attachment clamp mounted to the wheel. It installs in seconds and can be easily deployed or removed with the simple push of a button

Part #104018 - Suggested Retail $139.95


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Marleube Marine Lubricant

Our new Marelube lubricant is specifically formulated for marine valves and other marine parts that require periodic lubrication. Made from long-lasting PTFE Teflon®-based lubricants, Marelube is designed to keep marine valve seals and balls working smoothly. It also works well on winches, hinges, tracks and almost anything else that moves.

Marelube is a clear, non-staining and nontoxic lube and works equally well in fresh or salt water. Available now, it promises to be a good addition to any lubricant inventory.

Part #770050 - Suggested Retail $9.95

New Bi-directional Throw Handles On Marelon Seacocks and Ball Valves

All sizes of our popular Marleon MF 849 Seacocks and MF 850 Ball Valves will now have an upgraded handle/stem design to allow for a 1800 throw of the handle. This means you can close the valve by turning the handle in either direction. This change offers more flexibility for all marine plumbing installations. The handle/stem connection has also been strengthened for enhanced reliability.

New Internal Rollers for Leisure Furl

New Leisure Furl systems will now include internal roller braces with Delrin rollers. These new internal rollers will replace the old external ones, giving the boom a cleaner look while significantly stiffening overall boom flex. Offered on both the carbon fiber and aluminum models, this upgrade gives you one more reason to sell the world's most popular mainsail handling system – Leisure Furl. Contact your Forespar rep for further details.

Updated ISAF T-Shirts
Now Available

The ever-popular Forespar racing decal shirt is back! Updated with the new ISAF racing flag information, these shirts make great fundraisers as well as a regular stock item. The 8-color race decal is positioned upside down on the front of the shirt so the person wearing it can easily read it when needed. The shirts can also be customized with a store, club or regatta logo on the back for special events or general merchandising.

Priced at $8.25 - $10.00, depending on colors and volume:
Call or e-mail Bill Mosher for additional information.

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