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April Issue 2010

Leisure Furl Helps Dreams Come True For Wheelchair Bound Sailor

Leisure Furl helps make sailing safer and easier, just ask paraplegic sailor, Allen Fiske. After installing a Leisure Furl system onboard his boat he was able to sail more frequently

Lower Prices On Railfast Antenna Mounts

If you haven't noticed, we've lowered the price on both the fixed and handle models of Railfast antenna mounts. The price for the Forespar model is now way below those offered by the competition. read more...


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Ph: 949 858-8820 or
Fax: 949-858-0505

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Marelon Plumbing Questions:
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Leisure Furl Sales:
Alan Massey,
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Peter Hobman,

Marketing, Sales & Promotions:
Bill Mosher,
Cell: 414-688-9979

Warning - Brass Products
May Be A Health Hazard

Boat dealers in California now have to display hazard signs in all the plumbing aisle to warn of the health risks posed by bronze plumbing parts. read more...

Installing Marelon
Seacocks Is Easy

By showing your customers just how easy it is to upgrade to Marelon, you can increase sales. The best place to start is by showing them how to replace their old brass seacocks.

Forespar Hats
Back In-Stock - Just In Time For Spring Regattas

Our ever-popular red and black baseball caps are now available just in time for spring and summer events. read more...

Suggested retail is:
$10.95 plus shipping

Dealer cost is:
$6.00 plus shipping

Part #: 157041 - Black baseball cap
Part #: 157036 - Red Baseball cap

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