eNewsletter Archive - August 2009

August Issue 2009

How-to Videos Show
Customers the Way

Have you visited the Forespar's website and looked at all the How-To videos available. They're a great way to help inform your customers... Read More

Kretschmer Video Helped Bob Gain Spinnaker Confidence...
Hi, My name is Bob from Hamilton Ontario, and I would like to thank you, John, for your instructional video on YouTube called "Using a spinnaker Pole"... Read More

Dealers Makes the Difference:

Thank You Maggie McGillivray & Charlie Russell
Two Testimonial Letters from a New Carbon Whisker Pole Owner show how dealer involvement can make the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction... Read More


Factory contact numbers:
Ph: 949 858-8820 or
Fax: 949-858-0505

Dealer orders
(catalog products)
8:00am - 5:00pm
Pacific Standard
Time: Linda Stanley
(Order desk)

Marelon and plumbing questions:
Randy Risvold,
Art Bandy,

Custom Spars &
Leisure Furl sales:
Alan Massey,
Ph: 208-642-1312,
cell 909-534-5886
Peter Hobman at Forespar;
(Leisure Furl Engineering)

Marketing, sales and promotions:
Bill Mosher,
Cell: 414-688-9979

Stimulate Sales with Sales

Leisure Furl Rebate Sale Runs Through Oct. 31st.
Don't forget that the Leisure Furl Rebate Sale is going on through October 31st. This rebate offers new Leisure Furl customers a direct credit towards Forespar merchandise... Read More

Upcoming Nova Davit Rebate Sale
Starting September 10th, Forespar will be offering a $100 rebate and any NOVA Davit purchase. Be sure to keep an eye on your email for details and links to download printable store flyers, rebate forms and a web banner ad for placement on your site

Tech-Tips For Your Customers:

Vented Loops - You Siphon - You Sink
Vented loops are a vital component in any onboard plumbing system. Without them, the risk of flooding or sinking is greatly increased because water can be back siphoned into your boat from the outside... Read More

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