StaPlug® is a temporary or emergency plug for your boat where water would enter a circular, oval, or irregular hole caused by maintenance failure or hull breach due to impact. A 2" hole in your boat, only 1 foot below the waterline would fill a 55 gallon drum in 40 seconds. Bilge pumps can not keep up. You must stop the water.
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StaPlug® Facts

  • StaPlug® is a compressed by hand and inserted into the hole stopping or reducing the inward flow of water as the float returns to its original shape.
  • StaPlug® can also be cut with a razor knife and forced into elongated openings using a putty knife or similar tool.
  • StaPlug® can be inserted into the ends of borken pipes by twist compressing before inserting and will need to be held in place.
  • StaPlug® should be included with your damage control kit and kept with your vessel.
  • See how quickly a small hole or breach overwhelms your bilge pump on this flooding chart.
  • Questions about StaPlug®? Feel free to read the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • StaPlug® is not guaranteed to stop all water leaks and is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with other emergency equipment including bilge pumps. For boats under 30' we recommend two StaPlugs® and a minimum of three for any boat in exccess of 30'.
  • Read what the pros have to say on StaPlug's Tech Tip.