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Q: What length Forespar® whisker pole I should buy?

A: The size of your whisker pole depends entirely on the length of your boat. A small boat requires a shorter pole, while a larger boat requires a longer pole. Diameter is a major function of strength. A 2-1/2” diameter tube is as much as 70% stronger than a 2” diameter tube. The force created by the headsail can cause a pole to bend or break if it is not the right size.

Every Forespar® pole is custom designed for each type of boat based on the J dimensions, the length from the headsail pin to the front of the mast. Labels on the whisker poles note the maximum length boat that can be used for each pole.

We strongly suggest you use our size recommendations when selecting the pole for your boat. Forespar® cannot offer any warranty on poles that are too small for the boat. Here’s a link giving you recommended poles for each brand of boat. http://www.Forespar.com/whisker2011.shtml

If you have any further questions or need replacement parts, please contact us at sales@forespar.com.