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Q: What is required to install my Hoyt Boom System?

A: When installing the Hoyt boom, a backing plate is recommended for structural support, which Forespar® does not manufacture. The backing plate must be the same diameter as the pedestal and should be of sufficient thickness to help spread the fastener load. The backing plate can be made of teak, aluminum, stainless steel or hard plastic such as ABS or Nylon. The pedestal can be installed more than 10 feet aft of the J length. If this is done, your jib will most likely need to be re-cut. Make sure the Hoyt boom is installed before you have a sail maker adjust your jib.

The boom needs to be installed so that the pedestal is level. Forespar® sells shims that adjust the pedestal up to a 6o angle. If your deck is angled more than 6o you will have to have custom shims made. It is recommended that a professional rigger install your Hoyt boom to maintain structural integrity. Detailed instructions for installation can be found at http://www.Forespar.com/products/sail-hoyt-jib-boom-system.shtml.

If you have any further questions or need replacement parts, please contact us at sales@forespar.com.