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Forespar is a company in which a team of dedicated boaters has continually advanced the quality of the sailing and powerboating experience since 1967. Founded by life-long boater Robert Foresman, the company has pursued his philosophy of innovation and quality to produce unique products which fill real needs. Today, the crew at Forespar oversees a multifaceted design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution system from its modern headquarters in Southern California using CAD/CAM design , full machine shop, 80’ spray paint booth, plastic injection molding and carbon composite processing. Forespar, along with its other widely recognized branded products including Leisure Furl, and Marelon, can be counted on by boaters to provide value and many years of enjoyment and performance. We are always leaders and innovaters; never followers and we strive to serve every boater. We invite you to visit our website www.forespar.com, and join our Facebook Fan Page.

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Respected Sailing World Spokesperson John Kretschmer Comments on Forespar’s Whisker Poles

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“My Forespar 50/50 Whisker Pole is a workhorse, no other piece of equipment on Quetzal is more useful for efficient off the wind sailing. I would not go to sea without it.”

Process: Lubricating Marelon Valves with the Boat Hauled

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Marelon® is a proprietary formulation of polymer composite compounds used to produce superior marine-grade products for above and below the waterline.

Created specifically for precision molded plumbing systems, Marelon® offers complete freedom from corrosion and the ravages of electrolysis.

At least half the weight of their bronze counterparts, Marelon® plumbing components provide strength, light weight and internationally approved underwater systems that provide years of trouble-free, corrosion-free and electrolysis-free use.

Routine lubrication of marine seacocks (Marelon®, bronze or stainless steel on all valves) in any boat is vital for their prolonged life and ease of operation.

If ball seals are allowed to dry out, you will experience increased drag caused by marine growth which scores the seals and ultimately leads to leaks, difficulty in operation and/or blockage – potentially harming the equipment they serve.

 Lubricating a Marelon® Valve with the Boat Hauled

  1. Open valve, to drain any residual water, then close valve and remove the hose from the TOP of the hose line connection. On drains or other easily accessible thru-hull/valve hose lines, you may not need to remove the hose. During this step, it’s wise to check for worn hose and rusty hose clamps.
  2. Outside of the hull have a second person use a bucket to catch the run-off MareLube™ Liquid as the valve is opened and closed. Catch the lube as it runs through the line for re-use on the next line. Be sure you are under the correct thru-hull before starting!
  3. Repeat the process on all the thru-hull/valve hose lines. MareLube™ Liquid is not harmful to the environment so don’t worry if some splashes.
  4. This process requires two people.

This procedure is easy and should be done at the beginning of the dry storage season and again before launch. The MareLube™ liquid will leave a PTFE coating throughout the line and help keep hoses clean.

Accessibility to all valves is important and essential for the safety of the vessel should disaster strike. Any marine valve regardless of material, if not activated periodically, will seize, have marine growth build up inside and be rendered inoperable due to neglect.

It is strongly recommended to be particularly watchful of those hard-to-reach valves and find a way to reach them, since regular activating, servicing or closing them in an emergency is important.

Forespar® provides Marelon® plumbing systems to the world’s top boat builders and continues to develop modern alternatives to age old heavy bronze fittings. We are the only manufacturer to offer motorized Marelon® seacocks (ROV systems) that meet and exceed all Marine U.L., ABYC and ISO standards.

Forespar® has products to answer every boaters needs! To learn more, visit http://www.forespar.com/what-is-marelon.shtml.

POV Pat Dwight


A Special Event for Special Sailors

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2015 Blind National Sailing Championship Event Scheduled Sept. 12-13 in Newport RI

While the 2015 Blind National Sailing Championship won’t take place until September in Newport RI, last year’s 2014 blind sailing championship regatta was a fabulous event.  The 2014 regatta provided two days of great racing between Rose and Goat islands with fierce competition between seven teams over 12 races.

Congratulations to Duane Farrar, Solomon Marini, Denis Bell and Amy Bower for winning and being named the 2014 Blind National Champions.

Sail Newport will be hosting the 2015 Blind National Championships this coming September.  For details contact Sail Newport’s Regatta Manager

At:  chris@sailnewport.org


Pat Dwight

~Forespar POV

The Funniest Dinghy Story on the Internet

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The Florida Marine Patrol bagged Scott recently.  It was like a simple traffic stop, only on the water.

About 9:30 p.m. Scott was making his nightly six-minute dinghy trek across the harbor back to his boat.  He had dutifully stuck a little red/green split flashlight up on the front of his rubber inflatable.  However, to the Marine Patrol approaching from the rear it appeared Scott was running without any lights at all.  Technically, in addition to the red/green light shining forward, he should have had a white light visible from the rear; either that or a single 3600 light on the boat’s highest point. He knew of this regulation, but didn’t believe anyone would be that nit-picky.  Acknowledging that the forward lights showed at least an attempt to comply, the patrol sent Scott on his way with a warning.

The following night he repeated his daily trek armed with a bright white suction mount 3600 flashlight.  This new light was so bright it ruined Scott’s night vision.  So, he proceeded to hold it high above his head and ventured legally across the harbor. Quickly his arm got tired so he tried sticking it to the dinghy, but being lower than the motor and his torso, the required 3600 coverage was blocked from several angles.

Scott had a brilliant idea – there is an advantage to being bald.  It was dark enough that from land no one could see how odd this may have seemed. Scott wet the inside of the light’s suction cup and squished it down upon his skinhead.  Perfect.  Scott now had both hands free, the light was well above everything on the boat, and his night vision was unaffected; he forgot the light was on.

Later, reaching to his head, Scott grabbed the flashlight in hopes of removing it. He tugged, but the light didn’t budge.  He tried prying it off at an angle; it didn’t budge. Raising one edge of the rubber lip; it didn’t budge.

Finally with a loud pop the light came off. According to Scott, the top of his head felt like a can of ravioli, for the suction cup had drawn up his scalp in circular ridges that held their shape.

Undaunted he headed to the shower where he noticed that there was something on the top of his head. When he looked in the mirror, he saw directly in the middle of my head the world’s largest, world’s most perfect, most crimson hickey.

-Pat Dwight (Forespar POV)


Hummingbirds Join Our Burial At Sea – Twice

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Several times during the past 10 years, friends asked us if we would use our 42’ Grand Banks for a sea burial of a recently deceased loved one. We naturally said yes. Though two of those events were far apart in time, there was an event on both that left me with a sense of awe and disbelief.

Off the Southern California coast about three miles out, we stopped engines and turned the deck over to the family and friends to move through the service of their deceased loved one and say their final goodbyes.

In both services, the ashes were spread from the transom by the designated family member. Watching the ashes swirling in the water was surprising and fascinating, since the particles turn a beautiful fluorescent silver float near the surface for an extended time. Along with flowers also tossed in the water, the effect was moving.

Here is where the hummingbird enters the story. After the ashes were dispersed, in both services the group aboard Enchanter was joined by a beautiful hummingbird. Mind you we are three miles out at sea and there were no other boats in sight. Remarkably, the hummingbird didn’t just fly randomly around our boat. It purposefully flew up to the family members and guests – up close to their faces – hovering for a few moments and then moving to the next person.

Whether you are religious or believe in things mystical, the effect of this tiny bird apparently communicating in such a lovely way was remarkable and something I’ll never forget.

Since then I’ve asked fellow boaters if they had ever experienced this when participating in a burial at sea. A few said, “Oh yes,” and others mentioned that they had been visited by seals, who stopped their forward drive to stay near the boat for a spell.

Whatever the explanation might be, the experience was truly special. Today I see hummingbirds in a completely different way.










Pat Dwight

~ Forespar POV


Hybrid Yacht Powered by Natural Gas

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Yup, you read it right. In September 2014, Intrepid Powerboats announced a new natural gas hybrid fuel system technology. The new fuel system is already being used by commercial fishermen, charter boats, ferries, tugs, as well as larger ships, the military and recreational users.

Boaters can save as much as 50 percent on fuel immediately by making the change; these savings directly impact high-fuel-usage boaters, many of whom rely on their boat for business.  In many cases, the fuel savings recover the cost of the fuel system in one year for frequent boaters.

Performance of natural gas on a boat is the same or better than with its original fuel, with the added benefit that natural gas emissions are 90 percent cleaner (green alternative fuel) than diesel and 70 percent cleaner than gasoline and do not produce any exhaust odor or smoke.

This will become more important in the next few years when regulatory requirements for emissions are expected to be a lot more stringent.


Pat Dwight

~ Forespar POV


Paul Caynard on Project Pipeline

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In February, 2015, US Sailing and AmericaOne announced a very exciting initiative, called Project Pipeline.  I want to give you a little personal perspective on the initiative and pass along the link to the press release.

AmericaOne is a long time supporter of the US Olympic Sailing Team. Bob “Buddah” Billingham was a passionate Olympian, a Silver medalist, and A1’s representative who initiated this support and oversaw it. He served on the US Olympic Sailing Committee Board for many years.

Bob was excellent at identifying a need and then recruiting the support to make it happen. We all know that not only did Bob have great ideas, he would get them done!

Bob’s last target for improving US Olympic sailing was identifying our deficiency in the development of young sailors. As Bob’s cancer worsened, he asked me to take his place in working with the US Olympic Sailing Team on this important project.   Sadly, Bob passed away last March.

In the last year, we have developed a plan to increase training, support and opportunity for the youth of America.  Project Pipeline is about getting America back on the Olympic podium but also about raising the level of sailing talent in the US across the board.

US Sailing and AmericaOne are proud to launch this Project. The AmericaOne grant of $5M means Project Pipeline will be initiated immediately. It is our expectation that over the next 10 years, Project Pipeline will grow in breadth and depth, and that others will join in and support this worthy cause.

“The top winning nations in sailing share the common trait of a well-formed talent development system,” said Josh Adams, Managing Director of US Olympic Sailing. “This is critical to sustainable success in Olympic sailing. With the extraordinary commitment of $5 million from the AmericaOne Foundation, we are in a position to launch a long-term initiative that will transform the way top young sailors train in the US.”

Targeting the best American youth talent, Project Pipeline is the strategy behind a new-look Olympic Development Program, which aims to better serve young sailors, lead them into high-performance boats earlier in their development, and build well-rounded sailors with complete skill sets. Providing training/racing opportunities with world-class coaching and the highest level of technical standards are the core principles of the initiative.

– Paul Cayard, Director, AmericaOne Foundation








Pat Dwight ~ Forespar POV

Forespar Lifestyle Feature

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Catamaran Finds Fair Winds with Forespar® Leisure Furl™

Forespar’s Alan Massey says “Don’t just dream your life…get out and live your dream.” Massey shares novel tips on preparing your boat for fair wind sailing, including downwind reefing steps to make it easy and comfortable.

Watch the Catamaran Finds Fair Winds with Forespar® Leisure Furl Video Here.


Tom Cunliffe Talks Leisure Furl

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Tom Cunliffe loathed in-boom reefing systems until he encountered a good one…







“…the mechanics are well built. They are also simple. Mine, which is far from new, has behaved impeccably for three seasons now.” Tom Cunliffe is a British yachting journalist, author and broadcaster.

For more info about Tom, check out: http://www.tomcunliffe.com/about/

tom cunliffe (1)

More About: QUIK DAVIT™

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Spring Loaded – Easy Grip Release Handle

  • Safer And More Stable Dinghy Entry And Exit Point
  • Solid 316 Stainless Steel And UV Resistant Composites
  • Quickly Removable Davit Heads and Yokes Eliminate Tripping Hazard
  • Exclusive Inflatable Adhesive Works On Both Hypalon and PVC Inflatables
  • Fully Compatible With Most Weaver

Designed for inflatable dinghies up to 200 lbs in total weight (79 kg) and up to 11 feet (3.3 m) in length.

A hinged type davit system, Quik Davit™ quickly connects a dinghy to the back edge of almost any swim platform, allowing it to be tipped up and out of the water for easy storage without towing. The user simply snaps the pieces together to create a hinge that allows the dinghy to be pulled up onto the swim platform or transom. To release the dinghy you simply push it into the water and pull back the spring loaded easy grip release handles to unlock the connection.

Quik Davit™ heads with raised bases are used for swim platforms where the platform is too low to the water for normal hookup. Fits Fast Kit mount system. Sold as a pair.  Quik Davit™ heads with horizontal extension bases are used to clear curved or irregularly shaped edges of swim platforms, or to clear existing swim ladders. Fits Fast Kit mount system. Sold as a pair.



Quik Davit heads with raised bases are used for swim platforms where the platform is too low to the water for normal hookup. Fits Fast Kit mount system. Sold as a pair.



Quik Davit™ heads with horizontal extension bases are used to clear curved or irregularly shaped edges of swim platforms, or to clear existing swim ladders. Fits Fast Kit mount system. Sold as a pair.

Additional Features:

System Heads & Dinghy Pads

Fast Kit for Quick Removal of Davit Heads


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