Table Pedestal Systems

The Forespar® table Pedestal System features the choice of gas charged, non-gas high/low and fixed length table pedestals and incorporates bases molded from our exclusive light weight and corrosion resistant Marelon®. This polymer composite material assures that the table bases will not corrode, blister or crack in the marine environment.


Forespar's table systems feature top quality gas lifting springs and a positive locking device. Columns are marine grade anodized aluminum. Surface bases are available in powder coated "hammer-tone" silver or molded "teak-look" finish. Flush bases are "hammer-tone" silver only.







The bases are 9-3/4" diameter. The standard gas and non-gas high/low systems are 13” collapsed measured from the flange of each base with a 5" bury below the sole. The lower base is epoxied to the tube. Maximum height is 26". The base can be moved up or down upon request, however, the overall length of the tubes stays constant. For example if you request a 2" bury, you will have a 16" collapsed height (see diagram). The upper mounting flange is a tapered "slip fit" to the tube. This may also be epoxied for added stability and strength. All tube is sold by the inch and includes any/all tapers required

Marelon bases for zero corrosion, gas spring "lift" feature helps raise table, manual lift telescoping base tubes allow adjustable height table.

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