Heavy weather in-boom furling & reefing for sailboats 26' - 35' Maximum luff (P)=40' Maximum foot (E)=14'


This powerful boom system incorporates an end boom drive system with a minimum of moving parts which is effective for smaller boat applications. Our Off-Shore, through the mast, drive system is used on more powerful mainsails on boats from 35 ft - 85 ft.


The aft drive mandrel uses the nylon composite bearings similar to those used in the construction of big boat high load blocks. The forward universal allows complete freedom of rotation under the highest loads.



leisure-furl-hand-crafted-boom leisure-furl-luff-systems leisure-furl-reinforced-entry-area

Hand Crafted Boom

Luff Systems

Reinforced Entry Area
Each boom is custom made at our plant in Southern California by professional riggers. The boom is tapered for refined styling and weight savings. Leisure Furl ™ uses high modulus PVC luff track Each Forespar Leisure Furl has an additional stainless steel frame at the front of the boom. This reinforces the already tough aluminum section.


    • Safety - With all lines lead aft, Leisure Furl ™ gives you the ability to reef and control the main from the safety of the cockpit. Leisure Furl™ eliminates the need for completed lazy jacks or sending crewmembers forward in heavy weather.
    • Ease of use - Hoisting, furling or reefing is a one-person operation.
    • Reefing - A Leisure Furl™ boom allows infinite reefing position on all points of sail.
    • Appearance - Leisure Furl™ the sail furls neatly into the boom protecting the sail from harmful ultraviolet rays. Boom is elegantly tapered for attractiveness and weight savings.